Property Tax Consulting

Consultation and Management

Our professionals will consult personally with you to discuss tax planning and develop the best strategies needed to solve your property tax issues.

Property Valuation & Analysis

Comprehensive Appraisal & Analysis

Whether the tax issue is related to business personal property or commercial real estate, our professional staff will perform a comprehensive valuation and analysis of your property in order to achieve the greatest tax reduction.

Appeals and Refunds

Filing of Tax Appeals and Refunds

We work diligently to maximize our clients tax savings by filing tax appeals, property exemptions, exclusion filings, abatements, and refunds on prior year tax assessments.


Property Tax Litigation

When litigation is necessary, our team of experienced real estate and property tax attorneys excel in achieving success that cannot be found through the administrative appeal process.

Anthony Liberatore & Associates


  • Institute of Property Taxation (IPT)
  • International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)
  • Arizona State Board of Appraisal
  • Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA)


About Us

Established in 1980 Anthony Liberatore and Associates (ALA) is a full service commercial property tax consulting firm based in Tempe, Arizona. With over 34 years of experience ALA is one of the leading property tax firms in Arizona. ALA have strived to achieve a flawless reputation by providing solid business solutions to its clients on local, state and national property tax issues.

Our team is comprised of former State Tax Auditors, Appraisers, Realtors, CPA’s, Title Officers, and Attorneys. With years of experience in all areas of ad valorem taxation we provide clients a team of qualified professionals prepared with a complete knowledge of property tax laws, appraisal, and methods of valuation.

Diligence, experience, and market knowledge allows ALA to offer clients the highest quality service at a competitive price. Most of our work is performed on a contingent fee basis which is dependent upon the tax reduction and/or refund attained. In most cases, if we don’t save you money, our services are free.

ALA provides its clients a single point of contact to nationwide regional and highly specialized property tax firms. ALA provides its clients local market expertise on a national level.

ALA is comprised of a highly respected and skilled team that has amassed a collective knowledge of taxation with over 100 years of industry experience. We believe that having effective property tax management  plays a pivotal role in maintaining a competitive edge in today’s volatile economic environment. On average, ALA ‘s combined tax dollar savings for all of its clients is greater than $1,500,000 each year.

The Basics

Years of Experience

With over 34 years of industry experience ALA has developed a distinct perspective on taxation, allowing us to identify opportunities for tax‐savings not readily apparent to others.

Annual Tax Savings

Our goal is to achieve the greatest tax savings possible for our clients while minimizing their tax liabilities. In most instances our work is performed on a contingent fee basis which is dependent upon the reduction attained for our clients which means if we don’t save you money, our services are free.

Regional Offices

Experts in Arizona ‘s Real Estate and Personal Property tax, leveraged with a nationwide network of experienced regional property tax firms, distinguishes ALA from other tax firms.

Some Of Our Clients

Our client list tells the story. We have represented, or currently represent some of the most notable regional and national corporations including:

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In 2017, after 35 years as the President and CEO of one of

Arizona’s largest and most respected property tax firms, I

passed the torch to my son Attorney Paul Liberatore. For

over 12 years Paul led my firm as a Vice President, and

later as my General Counsel. I trust Paul and know that he

will provide you with the high level of service that you

have to come to expect from the Liberatore name.


If you are need of real estate or personal property tax assistance, please give Paul a call at 480‐838‐3000 or visit him at his firm Blake &

Pulsifer, PLC.



Anthony Liberatore