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Anthony Liberatore and Associates is a full service commercial property tax consulting firm.

Established in 1980 based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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About Us

30 years of Experience

Established in 1980 Anthony Liberatore and Associates (ALA) is a full service commercial property tax consulting firm based in Tempe, Arizona. With over 34 years of experience ALA is one of the leading property tax firms in Arizona. ALA has strived to achieve a flawless reputation by providing solid business solutions to their clients on local, state and national property tax issues. Expertise in Arizona real estate and personal property tax, leveraged with a nationwide network of experienced regional sister property tax firms, distinguishes ALA from other property tax firms. This allows us to achieve the greatest possible tax savings for our clients, regardless of their size or the geographic diversity of their property investments.

Our team

Anthony Liberatore and Associates is comprised of a highly respected and skilled team that has amassed a collective knowledge of taxation, with over 100 years of industry experience. We recognize that protesting the valuation of commercial real estate and personal property requires the correct blend of experience, education, presentation, and negotiation skills. Our team of property tax professionals includes former State Tax Auditors, Senior Litigating Assessors, CPA’s, Appraisers, Realtors, and Attorneys. With our years of experience in all areas of ad valorem taxation we provide our clients with a team of qualified professionals prepared with a complete knowledge of property tax laws, appraisal, and methods of valuation. Our understanding of the assessor offices methodologies, years of experience, and the knowledge of the formal hearing process allows us to be successful in appealing our clients properties.

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