Personal Property Tax

Anthony Liberatore and Associates offers complete solutions related to the reduction of Personal Property Tax.

For property tax purposes, personal property is defined as all types of property except land, buildings, or other real property improvements. Taxable personal property includes all assets used in the operation of a business, farm or ranch. Manufactured housing (mobile homes) is also considered personal property, unless the owner files an affidavit affixing the unit to the real estate.

We have found that often, personal property taxes are over-stated and inaccurate. This can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars each year in overpaid personal property tax. At Anthony Liberatore and Associates we can manage your fixed asset lists to minimize your tax burden.

Our Personal Property Tax Services include:

  • Review of clients ledgers to identify taxable vs non-taxable items, and to find the most advantageous classification of the assets.
  • Review the tax assessments and appeal if not equitable
  • Perform a detailed analysis, looking for accuracy in the following
    • Leasehold Improvements
    • Double Assessed Assets
    • Ghost Assets
    • Age and Life Issues
    • Exemptions
    • Zero Value Assets
    • Misclassified Assets
    • Leased Items
    • Business Acquisitions
    • Age and Cost
    • Depreciation Schedules
    • Asset Classification evaluation
  • Reverse audits of prior tax years
    • Reverse audits can often generate refunds to our clients on taxes paid for prior tax years, plus accumulated interest. At ALA we conduct detailed reviews of our clients past personal property assessments identifying any tax refund from those years.

At Anthony Liberatore and Associates we perform more personal property tax appeals than any other firm in Arizona. Over 80% of our appeals result in a reduction in personal property tax or prior year refunds for our clients.